Open Letter for Europe: We Must Stop the EU Blame Game

 - A Call by National Members of Parliament -

By Europe we stand

We the undersigned, members of national parliaments across the EU, would like to highlight a few of the achievements the EU has contributed to our lives:

The EU has made us greener, healthier, wealthier and fairer;

The EU has allowed more than 50 years of peace on the European continent;

The EU has allowed the free movement of people around Europe and has facilitated  travelling;

The EU Erasmus exchange programme has helped improve education opportunities, allowing the European youth to experience other EU realities and facilitating fruitful ties.

Europe in crisis

The Euro crisis has damaged the EU's capacity to deliver prosperity to its citizens, exacerbating tensions across Member States; whilst the refugee crisis is putting at risk the values on which the EU was founded, the future of free movement across the EU and the Union’s ability to secure its borders.

The accumulation of crises at the EU level is both cause and effect of a deeper malaise among European citizens leading to a profound legitimacy crisis of the EU project. Disaffection towards the EU’s institutions and proceedings is unprecedented. Yet, the destiny of European states and its citizens has never been as interconnected as today.

A call to action: stop the EU blame game

A toxic narrative presently exists in the European political debate and is widespread among policy makers throughout the EU and at all levels of political decision making. This narrative sees political actors consistently blame “Brussels” and each other across Member State lines, rather than addressing European problems in their own merit, and in doing so, attempting to find shared solutions to our common problems.

We the undersigned, Members of National Parliaments across the EU, recognise the need to reset the European debate in order to engage in an unbiased and pragmatic conversation about the European project, its goals, what it can and cannot achieve, in the name of both collective and national interests, in the spirit of necessary compromise and mutually-beneficial solidarity.


Reconnect citizens with the EU, restore EU legitimacy and better address citizens’ needs and expectations of the EU;

Aim to develop a more robust and fair European economy, capable of competing with other world powers;

Cooperate effectively on international crises;

Develop a positive Global Strategy to project common European values;

Anticipate future crisis and develop common policies.



Agnieszka Brugger, Germany | Agnieszka Pomaska, Poland | Adão Silva, Portugal | Alan Brown, United Kingdom | António Costa da Silva, Portugal | António Leitão Amaro, Portugal | António Ventura, Portugal | Berta Cabral, Portugal | Boris Stanimirov, Bulgaria | Brendan O'Hara, United Kingdom | Bruno Coimbra, Portugal | Carles Campuzano i Canadés, Spain | Carlos Costa Neves, Portugal | Christos Dimas, Greece | Cristóvão Norte, Portugal | Deidre Bock, United Kingdom | Drew Hendry, United Kingdom | Duarte Marques, Portugal | Dieter Janecek, Germany | Douglas Chapman, United Kingdom | Emídio Guerreiro, Portugal | Fernando Maura, Spain | Fernando Negrão, Portugal | Gea Schirò, Italy | George Amyras, Greece | Helga Correia, Portugal | Ilhan Ahmet, Greece | Inês Domingos, Portugal | Joel Sá, Portugal | José Carlos Barros, Portugal | José Maria Silvano, Portugal | Katerina Markou, Greece | Kirsten Oswald, United Kingdom | Kirsty Blackman, United Kingdom | Kristian Vigenin, Bulgaria | Kristyna Zelienkova, Czech Republic | Laura Magalhães, Portugal | Lolita Cigane, Latvia | Linas Balsys, Lithuania | Luis Leite Ramos, Portugal | Manuel Frexes, Portugal | Margarida Balseiro Lopes, Portugal | Maria Luis Albuquerque, Portugal | Maria Mercês Borges, Portugal | Marta Demeter, Hungary | Marta Marbán de Frutos, Spain | Marta Pascal i Capdevila, Spain | Matej Tonin, Slovenia | Margaret Ferrier, United Kingdom | Martin Docherty-Hughes, United Kingdom | Miguel Morgado, Portugal | Natalie McGarry, United Kingdom | Nilza Sena, Portugal | Nuno Serra, Portugal | Paraskevi Christofilopoulou, Greece | Patrick Grady, United Kingdom | Paul Monaghan, United Kingdom | Paula Teixeira da Cruz, Portugal | Paulo Neves, Portugal | Paulo Rios, Portugal | Pedro Pinto, Portugal | Pete Wishart, United Kingdom | Phil Boswell, United Kingdom | Philip Popov, Bulgaria | Rubina Berardo, Portugal |  Sara Madruga da Costa, Portugal | Sebastian Burduja, Romania | Spyros Lykoudis, Greece | Stephen Gethins, United Kingdom | Steven Paterson, United Kingdom | Stuart McDonald, United Kingdom | Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, United Kingdom | Theocharis Theocharis, Greece | Tommy Sheppard, United Kingdom | Yiannis Kefalogiannis, Greece | Yannis Maniatis, Greece | Zsuzsanna Szelényi, Hungary


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